en-Luxury Family Spa


Wellness Center promises our customers the best luxury family spa experience and finest wellness products and solutions at affordable prices. All our therapists are professionally trained by the acclaimed Wellness Academy which is incorporated by the Ministry of Labour (Thailand). As a premium wellspring of knowledge on wellness, we promote a holistic lifestyle with health programmes and activities健康中心承诺以实惠的价格为客户提供最佳的豪华家庭水疗体验以及最佳的健康产品和解决方案。 我们所有的治疗师均受到著名的健康学院的专业培训,该学院由劳工部(泰国)成立。 作为健康知识的重要源泉,我们通过健康计划和活动促进整体生活方式